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Wolf recovery license plates

Washington's new personalized license plate fees bring funding for non-lethal wolf conflict avoidance tools.

From "SMRTGUY" to "COOLMOM", those fun personalized license plates that declare your "you-ness" will also help our state adapt to its new life with wolves, funding range riders, conflict specialists and important wolf research. 

How do license plates help wolves recover in Washington?

In April 2013, legislation passed creating a secure funding for WDFW's non-lethal tools that reduce conflicts between wolves and livestock. Funds will come from $10 added to the cost personalized plates, also know as vanity plates.

This is expected to raise more than $1.5 million biannually--without raising taxes--to fund WDFW using proven methods to reduce conflicts with large carnivores, from range riders to changes in range management, carcass removal programs, and special tools like fladry.

Non-lethal tools are succeeding in Washington right now. Thank you for helping!

Get your own plate to fund wolf recovery

Like your non-personalized plates? A donation for our work will help wolves too, through our poaching reward fund, cost-sharing for range riders, advocacy in Olympia, grassroots organizing, and our other successful programs for Northwest wildlife.

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Personalized License Plates (PLPs) are those with specialized letters, chosen by the owner (e.g., SMRTGY). The fees collected for PLPs are one of the state's main funding sources for the "management of wildlife that is not hunted, trapped, or fished." In 2013, the fee was increased to specifically fund tools to avoid wildlife-livestock conflicts and monitor wolf recovery. 

You can help wolves and other wildlife by getting your own Personalized License Plate today!

Wildilfe Background Plates are different from PLPs. They don't have the standard blue Rainier background image. The wildlife-related background image fees help several wildlife-related programs, depending on the image you choose: endangered species recovery, wildlife viewing improvements, and game species management. Increase your impact by adding a wildlife background when you sign up for your Personalized License Plate, too!

What will the new wolf-friendly PLP fee fund? Personalize License Plate fees have been helping non-game wildlife for forty years.The new PLP fee increase is expected to provide more than $1.5 million biannually to WDFW programs to decrease conflicts, improve social tolerance, and monitor recovery through:

  • Monitoring wolf recovery by collaring, tracking, and conducting howling and winter aerial surveys
  • Mitigating conflicts by providing technical advice and by assisting livestock operators with funding for range-riders, fladry, fences, and cleanup of livestock carcasses
  • Compensating livestock producers for their losses when preventative efforts fail
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