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The Conservation Connection

Monthly online newsletter

Conservation ConnectionBy becoming a member of Conservation Northwest, you can automatically receive our online monthly electronic newsletter for short, readable updates on our work and the world of Northwest conservation.

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Past issues:

(Note: Some links in older E-newsletters have been removed. To learn about any topic, use our website Search Bar in the upper right corner of every page.)
  • Jan 2016 - Public Lands, Blanchard Forest, I-90 Alert, Monitoring News, Wolverine Video, Chewuch Roads
  • Dec 2015 - Your support, Fishers return, Forest roads, Stevens Pass wolf, Staff changes, IRA giving
  • Nov 2015 - Grizzly Article, Colville Wilderness, Wildfires & Us, Carbon Initiatives, New Staff, Thank You!
  • Oct 2015 - Membership Drive, WA's Wild Future, Grizzly Bear Events, Initiative 1401, Fire Op-Ed, Planting Party
  • Sept 2015 - Forests and Fires, Wolf Poaching, WDFW Comments, New National Park, Working for Wildlife, BC Grizzly Bears
  • Aug 2015 - Wildfire Info, BC National Park, Forest Team, Membership, Teanaway Rancher, Wolverines
  • Jul 2015 - Army Helicopters, Teanaway Wolves, Logging Blog, Cougar Quotas, First Nations, I-90 Funding
  • Jun 2015 - I-90 Groundbreaking, Range Riders, Grizzly Update, Endangered Species, Wildfire Act, Risky Logging
  • May 2015 - Cascades Wolf, Wildlife Monitoring, Ghost Bears, Bear Affair, Teanaway Wolverines, GiveBIG
  • Apr 2015 - GiveBIG, Auction Thank You, Mitch in DC, Wolf News, Budget Alerts, I-90 Video
  • Mar 2015 - Auction 2015, Art Contest, Staff Changes, Ranching and Grizz, Murrelet Victory, Wolf Count
  • Feb 2015 - Grizzly Comments, Monitoring Video, Wolverine News, Wolf Proposals, Advisory Board, Newsletter
  • Jan 2015 - 2014 Successes, Auction Invite, Motorized Plan, More Ghost Bears, Grizzlies At-Risk, WDFW Director
  • Dec 2014 - Range Rider Success, Member Thank You, Lynx Lawsuit, New Merch, Wolf Research, Ghost Bears
  • Nov 2014 - Member Drive, Working for Wolves, Lillooet Grizzly win, I-90 Planting Parties, Howling on the Range, Wild Links 2014
  • Oct 2014 - Wolf Meeting, Member Survey, Fisher Comments, Fall Newsletter, Best of Western WA, Bear Safety Blog
  • Sep 2014 - Huckleberry Editorial, I-90 Planting Parties, Whistler Grizzly Win, 2014 Member Survey, Environmental Hero, Protections for Lynx
  • Aug 2014 - Cascades Grizzlies, Wolverine Lawsuit, Wildfires Update, Make a Special Gift, Monitoring News, Hiking in Wolf Country, Kickstarter Thank You!
  • Jul 2014 - Camera Kickstarter, Animal GIFs!, Caribou Actions, A BIG Check, Colville ATVs, BC First Nations
  • Jun 2014 - I-90 Wildlife Crossing, Range Riders, Wildlife Monitoring, Spring/Summer Newsletter, Eyes in the Woods, All-Terrain Vehicles
  • May 2014 - BIG thank you, Teanaway wolves, Methow wildlife, Working for wildlife, DamNation
  • Apr 2014 - An evening to remember, Night with grizzlies, Go BIG for CNW
  • Mar 2014 - Protect NW wolves, Celebrate with us!, Roads & ATVs, 40 years for ESA
  • Feb 2014 - Range riding, Partnering for wildlife, A great season, New park!
  • Jan 2014 - Milestone attained, Great new park, First tracks, New digs!
  • Dec 2013 - Speak up for lynx, Get personal for wolves, What makes us tick
  • Nov 2013 - Stop the killings, Riding for wolves, Wild Links, A future with wildlife
  • Oct 2013 - Saving grizzly bears, Steps for wolves, From lynx to fishers, Much ado about wildlife
  • Sep 2013 - Wildlife homecoming, Benefiting wolves, Fishers and murrelets, Volunteering for wildlife
  • Aug 2013 - Hey you early birds, Range riding, Border bears, For forests
  • Jul 2013 - NW wolves, New ATV bill, Wildlife monitoring, Workin' outside
  • Jun 2013 - Protect murrelets, Eyes in the woods, Sustainable roads, Build a brighter future
  • May 2013 - Good news for wolves, New guide to NE WA, Volunteer outdoors!, Thanks for giving BIG
  • Apr 2013 - May 6 for wolverines, GiveBig May 15, More wolves, Get outside!
  • Mar 2013 - Watershed victory, Washington's wolves, Moskowitz book, New staff
  • Feb 2013 - Lake Whatcom preserve, Return of the wolverines, Protecting caribou, Wolf recovery
  • Jan 2013 - Caribou action, BC bears risk, Hello, wolverine, Coexisting with wolves
  • Dec 2012 - Old growth for the future, On the frontlines, Roadless in the Highlands, A year of solutions
  • Nov 2012 - Gift ideas, Land of the Lost Wolves, Lark and butterfly, Investing in wildlife
  • Oct 2012 - Living with wolves, Double your impact, Power past coal, Lace up your boots
  • Sep 2012 - WA wolves update, Restoring I-90 crossing, Pathway to a park, Protecting the wild places
  • Aug 2012 - Wedge Pack wolves, RSVP for Lake Whatcom, Paul Bannick awarded, Restoring a habitat
  • Jul 2012 - Washington's wolves, Bear eyes, Wildlife monitoring, Ferry County disaster
  • Jun 2012 - NW wolves on TV, Whatcom wildland park, I-90 wildlife crossings, "Peg," the wolverine
  • May 2012 - Protecting Lake Whatcom, Wild month of May, Get outside!
  • Apr 2012 - BIG Event May 2, Cascades wolverines, Washington wolves, Protecting Qat'muk
  • Mar 2012 - For the Wild Things, Bears and wolves, Cascades wildlife, Get stuff, help wildlife
  • Feb 2012 - Colville forest win, WA wolves update, Roads and wildlife, Hope for a Wild Future
  • Jan 2012 - New wildlife commissioner, Hope for a Wild Future, Illegal ATVs, Wildlife connectivity
  • Dec 2011 - Wolf plan approved!, Partner with us, Hope & heritage, Get active
  • Nov 2011 - Support for wolves, Green giving, Cascades grizzly bears, Wildlife-friendly energy
  • Oct 2011 - Wolves belong, Old-growth wildlife wins, Not Scary - Join us!, Protect Lake Whatcom
  • Sep 2011 - Wolves Oct 6!, "Scary" member drive, Generosity celebrated
  • Aug 2011 - Take Action to protect forests, Take Action for wolves, Remote wildlife cameras
  • Jul 2011 - July 27 for wolves, Can you give2gether?, Going all out for wilderness, It's getting wild in here
  • Jun 2011 - Cascades wolves, Act for wilderness, Predator and prey, Hope for the future
  • May 2011 - I-90 wildlife, Auction fun on June 8, Washington's wolves, Summer in the Highlands
  • Apr 2011 - Wolves lose protection, Columbia Highlands poll, Bears of the Last Frontier, WA's wild side
  • Mar 2011 - Help for wolves, Support wildlife bridges, Moving forward for wilderness, We are everywhere
  • Feb 2011 - WA wolves & cougars, Wildlife & recreation, Spring & summer celebrations, Connecting wildlife
  • Jan 2011 - Support WA wolves, 3 minutes for wildlife, I-90 wildlife bridge, Giving opportunities
  • December 2010 - Wolverine protection, A gift for wildlife, Snowshoe sashays, Workshop for activism
  • November 2010 - I-90 wildlife watch, Work for Conservation NW, WA's last frontier, Thanks to you
  • October 2010 - Help spread the word, Wolf aware, Critters gain ground, BC's unprotected wildlife
  • September 2010 - Columbia Highlands, Workplace giving helps, Farm & ranch protection, Vote for wildlife!
  • August 2010 - Columbia Highlands launch, Meet Kit!, Update on Washington's wolves
  • July 2010 - Safeguarding WA frontier, Burke Museum exhibit, Hikers explore Highlands, Methow power play
  • June 2010 - Kettle Range rendezvous, Auction recap, Lynx, wolverines & bears, Speak up for the outdoors
  • May 2010 - June 10th Hope, Similkameen SOS, Wildlife connections, Party on the trails
  • April 2010 - New Colville film, Wildlife and climate, Seattle auction, Wilderness rewards
  • March 2010 - Beautiful char, For wolves, Seattle job, Wilderness rewards
  • February 2010 - Fisher finale, Witness for wildlife, Blanchard protection, Upcoming events
  • January 2010 - Little things, Powerline, Free at last!, Changes afoot
  • December 2009 - Twilight - Not!, Easy giving, Adopt a wilderness
  • November 2009 - Feel good giving, Write for wolves!, Water for drinking, Follow a snow track
  • October 2009 - Wolf hearings, Nay on I-1033, Go wild with film!, Get your tracks on
  • September 2009 - Wildlife connections, Getting to know you - wolves, Support for community forests, No on I-1033!
  • August 2009 - Listening in, Wild Links for wildlife, Saving the prairie, Carousing with kits, The importance of being predator
  • July 2009 - WOPR defeated, Lynx in the Kettles, Summer of wolves, Field work - and play
  • June 2009 - Youthful vision, M is for murrelet, Wolves update, Wildlife wanderlust, Trail work - and play
  • May 2009 - We have fisher kits!, It's the Colville calling, Celebrating 20 years
  • April 2009 - Endangered species, Wolf news, Support science, Tramp on
  • March 2009 - Wolf tragedy, Blanchard forests, Lynx critical, Wildlife bridges, Work for us
  • February 2009 - Caribou on the mend, Reintroducing cattle?, Owls and woodpeckers, A party for our times
  • January 2009 - Hope for our times, Fishers on the run, Letters say it all, Seattle on the move
  • December 2008 - Strong for endangered species, Camera project report, Join the band, Coalition action
  • November 2008 - Last call for letters, To give is good, Wolves need you!
  • October 2008 - Vote reminder, Wolverine future, Get outdoors, Watershed preserve
  • September 2008 - Colville wild, Not soft on wood, Birds of a feather, Washington connected
  • August 2008 - Wildlife update!, Old growth, Colville wilderness, Wild Links
  • July 2008 - Wolves return, More wildlife, Go outside, Off-roading
  • June 2008 - A kid's view of wildlife, Auction roundup, Online friends, Highland hikes
  • May 2008 - Groovin' for Grizzlies, Summer auction, Wildlife forum, Volcano victory
  • April 2008 - Lynx habitat, Volunteer love, Mud bogging, Hazel Wolf Film Festival
  • March 2008 - Scat! Our blog, March madness, Wildlife wins and woes, Old growth hearing
  • February 2008 - Member madness, Fisher homecoming, Grizzly letter, Squirrel advance, Whatcom preserve
  • January 2008 - Fisher love, Wildlife monitoring, Ice caves win, Lobby day
  • December 2007 - Keeping it wild, Revisiting lynx, Old growth whopper, Restoring forests
  • November 2007 - Tripod victory, Fisher first, Election wrap-up, Internships are in, Giving and gear
  • October 2007 - Caribou hurrah, No on I-960, A park for Lake Whatcom, Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition
  • September 2007 - Spokane gala, Hello to fisher, Goodbye to roads, Forging "wild links"
  • August 2007 - Wolf homecoming, Cool review, Working out, Habitat for lynx
  • July 2007 - Colville blueprint, North Cascades grizzly, Up in smoke?, Free hikes
  • June 2007 - Conservation evening, Skiers and wildlife, Logging ramp-up, Prairie shell-game
  • May 2007 - Auction event, Columbia Highlands book, Old growth, A healthy Washington
  • April 2007 - Columbia Highlands book, Wildlife bridges art contest, Support wolves, To mine - or not, For love of bears, Auction solstice
  • March 2007 - Member Madness, Cross-base waste, Film fest, Comment for Blanchard, Caribou reprieve
  • February 2007 - Blanchard Mountain, Return of Member Madness, Once again for caribou, Welcome wolves
  • January 2007 - Mitch speaks on forest restoration, Jobs with Conservation Northwest, Protect old trees, Bridging success
  • December 2006 - Caribou love, Cross Base suit, Job offerings, Conservation gifts, Voles and old trees
  • November 2006 - Election results, Take action for murrelet, Good news for wildlife bridges, Conservation and community
  • October 2006 - Protective rulings for roadless, old growth, caribou, lynx & wolverine, Saying "so long" to I-933, Wilderness comes to Spokane
  • September 2006 - Roadless forests, Faith and environment, To mine--or not?, Wildlife-friendly wood
  • August 2006 - Horse business, Hot Loomis, Killing predators?, Take a walk outside, You, that's who!
  • July 2006 - Hurrah for wildlife, Mad River, Mitch on collaboration, No on I-933, Wildlife at the Burke
  • June 2006 - Summer hikes, Blanchard collaboration, Freeway art, Horses and habitat, Auction roundup
  • May 2006 - Party at the zoo!, Roadless forest gains, Provincial owl "conservation"?, Candid camera, Celebrate wildlife
  • April 2006 - More good news for old growth, Lynx need you, Member thank you, Of caribou and grizzlies, Columbia Highlands
  • March 2006 - Invasives on the run, Mitch Grist, Scientists urge natural recovery, Keeping it roadless, Member madness, Blanchard hikes
  • February 2006 - Freedom to roam, Island marble, Salvaging the truth?, One of a kind rainforest, Garden Wise, Membership drive
  • January 2006 - Old-growth victory, Snoqualmie expansion?, Quiet for caribou, Citizens for wilderness, Methow Valley in the news, New faces, Sprawl initiative for Washington?
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