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Conservation Northwest Quarterly

Now, in flipbook form - keep abreast of our conservation work keeping the Northwest wild, produced for our members and others.

The Conservation Northwest Quarterly, our full-color print newsletter, is typically published three times a year. Exceptions to this publishing schedule may occur when necessary.

Newsletter content includes updates on our conservation programs, articles on issues relevant to wildlife and wildlands, and stories about getting outside across our region. We also regularly feature our favorite photos from our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project and other field programs. 

Click the links below to view Flipbook versions of back issues. Members receive our newsletter (printed on 100% New Leaf post-consumer recycled paper) in the mail. Complementary copies are also available at many local outdoor retailers, coffee shops, stores, our offices and other locations.

You can request a complimentary edition of our latest newsletter delivered straight to your door by emailing communications (at) with your name and mailing address.  

Want to help us spread the word by sharing copies at your store, restaurant or place of business? Contact the editor to be added to our distribution list! 

Past Conservation Northwest Quarterly issues

Issue 99 WinterSpring 2016



Issue 99 - April 2016 Restoring Wildlife and protecting the lands they, and we, depend on



newslettercoverJuly2015Issue 98 - July 2015 Reaching Milestones: Making connections for wildlife

newslettercoverFeb2015Issue 97 - February 2015 - Shifting paradigms: Wildfire and Wildlife

Issue 96 Fall 2014 Conservation Northwest Quarterly    Issue 96 - October 2014 Looking forward: Coast to Cascades

"Your Fall issue mainly on wolves, is the very best ever. From Mitch's editorial, and Joe's bear item, every page was perfectly pitched with the class of knowledge, fairness, passion, persuasion and clarity that has been scarce among conservation organizations in recent decades. Brava and Bravo! Our copy is going to rancher friends who live in wolf range." - Roger Contor, member

Issue 95 - May 2014 25 years! You've kept it wil


Issue 94 - Dec 2013 Telling our stories: Protecting wildlife, connecting habitat


Issue 93 - Sept 2013 Wildlife Homecoming: How do we keep them here?


Issue 92 - May 2013 - 100 year vision: Lake Whatcom forest park


Issue 91 - Dec 2012 - Gaining ground: In 2012 for wildlife and habitat

2012 accomplishments (pdf, 2Mb)


Issue 90 - Sept 2012 - Northwest wolves: From discovery to recovery

Inside/Outside, an insert of short news pieces about our work (pdf)

Fall newsletter features


Issue 89 - May 2012 - Roads and wildlife: Reaching the other side

Inside/Outside, an insert of short news pieces about our work (pdf)


Issue 88 - Dec 2011 - 2011: A wild year

Also, see the insert, Inside/Outside, short news items about our work (pdf)

Issue #87 - Oct 2011 - Getting wilder: From the top down

Also, see the insert, Inside/Outside, short news items about our work (pdf)


Issues #85/86 - June 2011 - Prey and predator: Finding balance (pdf, 1.8Mb)

Also, see the insert, Inside/Outside, short news items about our work

newsletter cover winter 2011

Issue #84 - December 2010 - Making connections (pdf, 1.2Mb)


Issue #83 - October 2010 - Pathways to Protecting Northwest Grasslands (pdf, 1.6Mb)

Also, see our Fall 2010 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.6Mb)


Issue #82 - June 2010 - High on the Columbia Highlands (pdf, 2.0Mb)


Issue #81 - March 2010 - Facing up to a Changing Climate (pdf, 1.5Mb)

Also, see our Spring 2010 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.9Mb)

Issue #80 - December 2009 - Of Wolves and Wilderness (pdf, 1.5Mb)


Issue #79 - October 2009 - The Columbia Highlands: Wilderness in the Balance (pdf, 2.5Mb)

Special, electronic only edition

Issue #78 - August 2009 - Wilderness in the Balance (pdf, 1.5Mb)


Issue #77 - March 2009 - The Canadian Connection (pdf, 1.6Mb)

Also, see our Spring 2009 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.6Mb)


Issue #76 - December 2008 - Welcome Back, Wildlife (pdf, 1.9Mb)


Issue #75 - September 2008 - Return of the Wolf (pdf, 2.6Mb)

Special inside feature: Removable wildlife trading cards


Issue #74 - June 2008 - Wild Forests of the Columbia Highlands (pdf, 1.9Mb)

Also, see our Summer 2008 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.6Mb)


Issue #73 - March 2008 - What Are Trails For? (pdf, 1.7Mb)

Also, see our Spring 2008 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.7Mb)


Issue #72 - December 2007 - A Year to Remember (pdf, 1.4Mb)


Issue #71 - October 2007 - Climate Change in the Northwest (pdf, 1.6Mb)

Also, see our Fall 2007 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.7Mb)


Issue #70 - July 2007 - North Cascades Grizzly Bears (pdf, 2.9Mb)

Also, view our Summer 2007 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.8Mb)


Issue #69 - April 2007 - Blueprint for the Columbia Highlands (pdf, 1.8Mb)

Also, view our Spring 2007 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.8Mb)


Issue #68 - December 2006 - Reflections of the Year 2006: Wolverine wisdom (pdf, 1.2Mb)

Also, view our Winter 2007 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.7Mb)

October 2006 Newsletter

Issue #67 - October 2006 - Fire and Forest Health (pdf, 1.5Mb)

Also, view our Fall 2006 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.6Mb)

June 2006 Newsletter

Issue #66 - June 2006 - Inland Temperate Forest (pdf, 2.5Mb)

Feature-only version (pdf, 1.3Mb)

Also, view our Summer 2006 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.8Mb)

newslettercoverapr06 Issue #65 - April 2006 - Lynx Take Refuge (pdf, 1.6Mb)

Also, view our Spring 2006 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.8Mb)

newslettercoverDec05 Issue #64 - December 2005 - Looking Back, Looking Forward: Our Vision for a Wild Northwest (pdf, 1.2Mb)

newslettercoverOct05 Issue #63 - October 2005 - The Columbia Highlands (pdf, 1.9Mb)

Also, view our special Fall 2005 insert, Inside/Outside (pdf, 0.9Mb)

newslettercoverJun05 Issue #62 - June 2005 - NWEA is now Conservation Northwest (pdf, 2.5Mb)

newslettercoverMar05 Issue #61 - March 2005 - Common Ground Collaboration(pdf, 1.6Mb)


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