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Statement of Conservation Northwest on the Killing of Wedge Pack Wolves

Statement of Conservation Northwest on the killing of more members of Wedge Pack

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Sep 26, 2012

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife just announced that its agents have shot another three wolves today in the area occupied by the Wedge Wolf Pack. This brings the total to six Wedge wolves killed by the state.

This statement is from Mitch Friedman, Conservation Northwest’s executive director:

“After working for 25 years to return wolves to Washington, I can only describe my feeling today as grief. But given the pack’s pattern of livestock depredation, the decision of lethal removal was necessary. Continual incidents of attacked calves were alarming local communities and putting at risk our goal of a Northwest landscape that includes wolves and ranches.

“The Wedge Pack experience has been hard on everybody, which makes it difficult but necessary to look forward. We want to see commitments from the state and cattlemen to expand early use of nonlethal efforts so that we don’t have to go through this again.

“Conservation Northwest remains committed to wolf recovery and the state plan that was adopted to guide it. This is the only pack out of nine confirmed in the state that has had serious problems. We will continue our work with ranchers so that experiences like this one will be as few as possible.

Conservation Northwest was founded in 1989 to connect and protect habitat and wildlife for a wild Northwest. The group has invested heavily in outreach to northeast Washington communities, from general education about wolves to workshops and direct resources for ranchers wishing to adopt methods that reduce the risk of conflict with wolves.


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