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The AV Room

Conservation Northwest's videos, podcasts, flickr, and other media.

See our YouTube video channel, Soundcloud audio channel, our slideshows, and  flickr image archive for more multimedia. 

Ranching and Grizzly Bears 2015 

Originally produced in 2004 by Conservation Northwest (then the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance) Chris Morgan (Insight Wildlife Management), Vidcom Productions and John Cofrin, we've updated this 30 minute documentary-style film for 2015 and the announcement of a long-awaited North Cascades grizzly bear restoration EIS!

WildLinks: Why Grizzly Bears?

Produced by Conservation Northwest for WildLinks 2014 and the Cascadia Partner Forum, this short video dives into the role of grizzly bears as an important umbrella species for wildlife and wild lands across the Northwest, from B.C. into Washington's North Cascades. Restoring these Northwest natives, now absent from much of their historic range, provides a powerful tool for collaboration, coexistence and region-wide conservation.

The Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project 

When it comes to documenting the presence of wildlife in our region, Conservation Northwest Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project staff and volunteers are on the front lines; tracking wildlife where state and federal agencies don’t have the resources to go, from the Washington Cascades to the Kettle Crest to British Columbia. Video produced by Ted Grudowski.

Chief Michelle Edwards on Grizzly Bears in British Columbia 

Chief Michelle Edwards of the Cayoose Creek Band, St'at'imc Nation, talks about what grizzly bears mean for her people, and how First Nations are working to restore these iconic animals in British Columbia and the greater Pacific Northwest. Learn more at

Spring-Fall 2014 Best Photos! Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project 

Our spring-fall 2014 volunteer wildlife monitoring season has come to a close! See highlights and some of the best animal photos from this past season in this new video produced by our monitoring team.

Wolf Management Research Symposium

On October 29, 2014, some of the leading experts on wolf ecology and management came together at the University of Washington to present current science on the different impacts that lethal management may have on wolf ecology, pack structure, habitat connectivity, social acceptance, and recovery and to discuss how to apply this knowledge to wildlife management in the Pacific Northwest.

Howling with Washington Wolves in Colville National Forest

We came back from a range riding trip in Eastern Washington with this neat video of using howls as a tool to locate a wolf pack, and make sure they were separated from the rancher’s livestock. To read more about our summer 2014 range riding trip, and our wolf-livestock conflict avoidance programs, visit our Scat! blog here.

Conservation Northwest celebrates 25 years!

This video, produced by Ted Grudowski, was created for our 2014 Hope for a Wild Future auction. It takes us back to the early days of Conservation Northwest and celebrates 25 years of success.

Wolverine Attacks Trail Camera! | Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Program 

A wolverine attacking one of our Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Program trail cameras in the Chiwaukum Mountains west of Leavenworth!

2013 Wildlife Monitoring Results | Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Program

Highlights from Conservation Northwest's Cascades Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project. Remote cameras were installed and maintained by volunteers in Washington's Cascade Mountains and British Columbia's Rossland Range during the 2013 season. You can volunteer or sponsor a camera team here!  


An eagle's eye tour of the Columbia Highlands

Our multimedia project "Columbia Highlands: Washington's Last Wilderness Frontier" puts the wild northeast corner of Washington on the Conservation map.

Fisher release, January 2009. Photo by Dave Moskowitz

Fishers come home

With our help, native forest mammals called Pacific fishers are reintroduced to the Olympic Peninsula. Watch video of their 2009 release. 

wolf pups Methow
Washington's wolves return

Our remote cameras captured the first photos of a confirmed wolf pack in Washington since the 1930s, and our volunteers heard these great howls.

Canada lynx and snowshoe hare. Photo © Tom and Pat Leeson

Columbia Highlands wildlife

Biologists tell us that northeastern Washington is vital to wildlife, from lynx to wolves. Have a look to learn about safe passage for animals there.

Loomis hike

Loomis Forest success

The Loomis Forest Fund stands today as a great success wrought by the imagination, forethought, and generosity of all who were part of it.


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