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Washington's wolves in the news

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Latest press on Washington's wolves and a state wolf plan
Settlement date set in White wolf case
The state’s wildlife violations case against William and Tom White has been set for settlement on May 31. State and federal prosecutors and attorneys for the Whites have been negotiating a potential joint settlement that would address the state charges for illegal hunting as well as federal charges against the two men for shooting at least two endangered gray wolves.
A once radical Mitch Friedman now collaborates for a wilder Northwest
Conservation Northwest's director Mitch Friedman features on the cover of the Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest magazine.
Single piece of wolf legislation survives session's battles
...House Bill 2365... adds the gray wolf to the list of big game species and allows the State Wildlife Account to be used for compensating livestock owners for damage caused by predators. The bill passed the House unanimously in early February.
Senate committee hears governor's contested appointees
[Jay] Kehne pointed to his experience building consensus among people with diverse viewpoints. “I’m also a scientist by training, and I believe they want someone that can look at the facts and science and also adapt to the concerns people have,” he said.
Kehne did a fabulous job - letter to the editor
A letter to the editor praising Jay Kehne's testimony at the Senate hearing regarding his new appointment to Washington's Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Commissioner Kehne, The Future Thereof
In a skirmish that embodies the country's deep divisions, the angst of wolf reintroduction/recolonization in the Pacific Northwest, and is representative of Western Washington-Eastern Washington tensions, Jay Kehne spent 50 minutes in front of the same committee late last week explaining himself, his affiliations, whether he actually hunts, wolves and whatnot.
Hearing is Thursday for Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Kehne
Kehne has mainly worked one-on-one with ranchers to help educate them about state and federal programs in which they expressed interest. "There wasn't fee-acquisition or land-acquisition involved in those particular ranchers," said Kehne. "In all of those cases, all of the ranchers maintained their property."
Would Real Wolves Act Like the Wolves of ‘The Grey’?
National Geographic sits down with Daniel MacNulty, an arctic wolf researcher and wildlife biologist, to get the truth behind the new movie The Grey.
Yakima County Farm Bureau wants wolves gone
"(The wolves) came on their own. They weren't planted," Studley said. "I look at them like the bear and the cougar and the elk and everything else around us. They're just wildlife. I don't oppose them at all. If they became a problem and (state officials) had to trap some and movement, then they'll do that. I just don't see that they're going to impact our lives that much."
Fish, Wildlife Commission appointments draw ire, fire from mid-state legislators
"I'm a life long hunter and I know what worries hunters have about wolves returning to our state, I talk with them everyday," Jay Kehne said. "I may not be anti-wolf like some people in Okanogan County, but then again, there are a lot of people all over Eastern Washington who have mixed views of whether wolves are good or bad."
Deal with issues - letter to the editor
Twisp resident Jay Humling thinks local legislators and commissioners should stop attacking Jay Kehne, new appointee to Washington's Fish and Wildlife Commission and Okanogan County outreach associate for Conservation Northwest, and focus on bigger issues.
Community richer for having Kehne
Letter to the editor: The talents of a good and highly qualified local man are being squandered by an unsavory push to divide and politicize. Our community is the richer for Jay Kehne's presence.
Wolves sighted near Malo
"It doesn't surprise anyone there are wolves in the Curlew area," [Department of Fish and Wildlife's Madonna Luers] said. "But confirming a pack or a breeding pair is another matter."
People are more of an impact
Letter to the editor: There are bigger challenges to us, as ranchers, than predation by wolves. Increased residential growth in land that has historically been in grazing creates all kinds of headaches. For instance, we are losing cattle to poachers.
Jan 15, 2012: Jay Kehne appointed to Fish & Wildlife Commission
Jan 15 - The job of a commissioner is to look at the best science possible and make good decisions for wildlife, says Jay Kehne, who lives in Omak and works part-time for Conservation Northwest.
A new blacklist
It looks to outsiders like a new blacklist. Are you now or have you ever sympathized with wolves or environmentalists? This overreaction and intolerance does Okanogan County's cause little good.
Okanogan County takes aim at environmentalist over wolf protection
Conservation Northwest have been noted — and severely criticized — for their efforts to work with ranchers and loggers, to make everybody a winner, to compromise.
Wolves confirmed on Colville Indian Reservation
Except for a small strip of land between the Okanogan River and Highway 97, wolves are not considered endangered by the federal government on the reservation. That means the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation — a sovereign nation — will develop its own plan for managing them.
Wildlife photographer shares conservation goals
A radio interview from Wenatchee: Paul Bannick loves to capture vibrant images of birds, and loves to learn the stories they tell about the natural world. He also works to conserve and connect wild lands with Conservation Northwest.
Jay Kehne joins The Conversation
Jay Kehne, newly appointed commissioner to Washington's Fish & Wildlife Commission and Okanogan County outreach associate for Conservation Northwest, discusses Washington's wolves and more with KUOW's Ross Reynolds.
Survey finds 3 pairs of breeding wolves
A year-end survey of the state’s five confirmed wolf packs has found 3 successful breeding pairs totaling at least 27 wolves. The survey also found evidence of unconfirmed packs in the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington and at Hozomeen in the North Cascades, as well as transient single wolves, according to Rocky Beach, the agency’s wildlife diversity program manager.
Fish and Wildlife appointee draws fire
The job of a Fish and Wildlife commissioner is to look at the best science possible and make a good decision for wildlife, Jay Kehne said. Politics and one's place of employment should not be involved. "Everybody works for somebody," Kehne said. "I've got degrees in wildlife biology and soil science and have had jobs for 31 years across Eastern Washington and California." [This AP story was widely published in Washington media]
Republicans push to oust newly appointed Wildlife Commissioner
Kehne said he sees no conflict in working for Conservation Northwest and serving on the Wildlife Commission, and said that he’ll join the commission for his first meeting this week. “I’ve lived in Eastern Washington most of my life, and recognize rural county values,” he said.
Got Wolves? Washington Does
There are now three successful breeding pairs and at least 27 wolves in WA. A successful breeding pair means a mom, dad and at least two pups that make it past 6 months old.... Washington last month adopted a monitoring and management plan [calling] for 15 successful breeding pairs to be established before wolves can be removed from the state endangered species list.
OUTDOORS: Wolves now have a plan and future
The goal of the plan is to foster a self-sustaining population of the often vilified apex predator ... to transition from current partial federal protection to a fully state-based system as with any other abundant wildlife species, giving them a rightful place here. [On related news] The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission is again nine members strong with the recent appointment of...Jay Kehne, Omak.
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