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Legacy Roads Act of 2007

Dec 10, 2007
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Explanation of the breakdown of funds for Washington State as appropriated in 2008 in the Legacy Roads Act

Federal appropriation to restore our watersheds

Led by Washington Representative Norm Dicks, Congress and the President signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2008 in December 2007 with a new allocation of $39.4 million for watershed restoration through road restoration on national forest lands. National forests in Washington and Oregon will receive $8.37 million for maintaining and repairing roads and trails, decommissioning unnecessary roads, improving fish passage, and repairing recent storm damage.

"Particularly in the Pacific Northwest, which has been battered by unusually-strong storms in the past two years, our subcommittee recognized the substantial backlog of road decommissioning and restoration projects that are essential for ecosystem protection as well as protecting public health and safety," Rep. Dicks said.

The Washington State Breakdown

The dollars fall into categories of repair, fish passage, decommissioning, planning, or monitoring. National forests in Washington state prepared lists of projects that qualified under each of these categories to compete for the funding allocated to the Pacific Northwest, and the breakdown of funds means tangible results across the state. 

National Forest  Repair Passage Decomm Planning  Monitoring  Forest Total  Prop of State Total 
Gifford Pinchot $400,000  0 $74,000 $50,000 $12,000  $536,000  16%
 Mount Baker Snoqualmie  $160,000  0  $285,000  $50,000  $4,000  $499,001  15%
 Olympic  $220,000  $240,000  $615,000  $105,000  $7,000  $1,187,001  35%
 Wenatchee-Okanogan  $350,000  $375,000  $200,000  $100,000  $12,000  $1,037,001 31%
 Colville  $40,000  $67,000 $21,000  $1,300 $129,300 4% 
 WA State Total  $1,170,000  $682,000 $1,174,000  $326,000  $36,300  $3,388,304   
 Prop of Regional Total  40%  34% 55% 33%  36%  41%   
 Regional Total  $2,920,000 $2,026,000  $2,120,000  $1,000,000  $100,000  $8,166,000   

In reviewing just the numbers, it's clear Washington State competed well in all categories. The Gifford Pinchot and Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forests rated as the top two funded for repair in the region, while the Olympic and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests topped the funding for decommissioning of roads. In fish passage, the Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest nearly tied for first in the region for funding while the Olympic National Forest was fourth. For total funding from this year’s federal appropriation, the Olympic National Forest received the most dollars in the region and the Wenatchee-Okanogan National Forest a close second.

According to Regional Forester Linda Goodman, the appropriated funds will leverage more than $2 million in monetary and in-kind donations from a number of partners, allowing forests to complete more restoration work. These unique partnerships in the form of individual organizations or watershed groups are critical to ensuring the long-term success of these allocations. A specific example of how partners can work together to improve a watershed is close to home for Conservation Northwest's own national forest program.

View the press release from Congressman Norm Dick's office on the appropriation.
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