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2009 Wild Links

Agenda for the 2009 Wild Links conference in Osoyoos, BC

Presentations:  September 22-24, 2009, in Osoyoos, BC

Event moderated by Mitch Friedman and Joe Scott, Conservation Northwest

At this year's Wild Links, large maps were up during the entire event of the scope of connectivity analysis that Washington State is conducting that spans into British Columbia, Idaho, and Oregon.  PDF's of those maps can be made available if people from the event are interested in sharing their knowledge on draft products.

Organization names are linked to their webpages below, and the PDF links will allow you to download presentations made by that individual.

Please be aware that downloads can be quite large, so a good internet connection may be required.

September 23, 2009

Looking at the landscape

  • Modeling and communicating about connectivity in Washington and neighboring landscapes - Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group (PDF file, 29,436 KB) 
  • Okanogan Ecoregional Planning:  conservation planning across borders - Barb Pryce, Nature Conservancy of Canada (PDF file, 3622 KB)
  • Anticipated interactions between climate change and BC forest and range - Greg Utzig (PDF file, 2887 KB)
  • Grizzly bear data collection and modeling in BC - Clayton Apps (No presentation available for download)

Speaking to specific wildlife

  • Grizzly bear recovery and management in the United States. Wayne Kasworm, US Fish and Wildlife Service (No presentation available for download)
  • Grizzly bear recovery and management in British Columbia. Tony Hamilton, BC Environment Ministry (PDF file, 3085 KB)
  • Researching lynx in Washington State. Gary Koehler, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (PDF file, 11,878 KB)
  • Caribou recovery in the Selkirks. Steve Wilson (PDF file, 4233 KB)
  • Transboundary wolves and wolverines in the Cascades. Scott Fitkin, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Wolves PDF file , 33,138 KB, and Wolverine PDF file,  14,562 KB)

Case studies:  Learning from each other in conservation, planning, and science

  • Connecting landscapes in the Rocky Mountain and Cabinet-Purcell Landscapes: Transboundary lessons from coalition work - David Quinn, WildSight (PDF file, 29,277 KB)
  • Looking at grizzly bear connectivity between the South Purcells and South Selkirks - Michael Proctor (No presentation available for download)

Panel discussion on Okanogan grasslands: Ecology, land use, and conservation

September 24, 2009

Opening Remarks by Peter Kennedy, Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, Canadian Co-Chair (PDF file, 8 MB)

Policy in connectivity and transboundary work

First Nations Perspectives and actions on wildlife, conservation, and land use

Finding solutions and moving forward- breakout groups

Notes are being compiled reflecting the dialogue and brainstorm that occurred in breakout groups during this session.   

Conference Connections:  Additional Relevant Links and Research

"A comparative analysis of management options for grizzly bear conservation in the U.S.–Canada trans-border area

" (2004).  Michael F. Proctor, Christopher Servheen, Sterling D. Miller, Wayne F. Kasworm, Wayne L. Wakkinen.

"Lillooet community grizzly bear inventory project."  by Apps, Clayton D., Paetkau, David, Bateman, Bryce, Rochetta, Steve, Hamilton, Tony, McLellan, Bruce Norman, British Columbia. Ministry of Environment., British Columbia. Ministry of Forests and Range.
Western Governors' Association Wildlife Corridors Initiative


Conference attendees please feel free to send along any links, maps, and/or papers that you would like included above.

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