Wildland Partners Monthly Giving

 By joining Wildland Partners, our automatic giving program, your donation will go farther for wildlife and wild places!

Monthly and quarterly giving options

Wildland Partners offers you an easy and secure way to ensure the future you want for wildlife and communities, and the stable and efficient funding necessary for us to succeed.

Please Donate oNLINE and select “make this a recurring donation” or mail in the Wildland Partner enrollment form to enroll.

Wildland Partners may choose to give monthly or quarterly. The amount you specify will be automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card each month or quarter for as long as you choose to stay enrolled. Giving levels from as little as $10 to as much as you want are available. Your membership is renewed automatically every year, and you receive a convenient tax letter for your records.

Automatic transfers are safe and secure. Your support provides stable year-round funding to keep the Northwest wild, and you don’t have to renew annually.

Questions? Contact info (at) conservationnw.org, or call 206.675.9747 x 129

What other Wildland Partners say:

Christian Martin, Wildland Partner since 2005

One of Conservation Northwest’s longest Wildland Partners, Christian doubled his monthly gift in 2020. He shared why he chose to double his support: “I don’t know of any org that comes close to representing and advocating what is most important to me here in the Pacific Northwest – our wild heritage – and doing so in a way that is creative, science-based, timely and that attempts to bridge divides to unify.”

We appreciate hearing from our Wildland Partners and knowing we are living up to their expectations!

Paul and Pat Martin, Wildland Partners since 2010

For Paul and Pat, the convenience of the program is why they joined. “It was easy, the monthly deduction,” Paul said. “Instead of making one or two larger donations a year, we are making multiple small donations.”

Paul supports our work because he believes maintaining habitat for wildlife is vital in this time of rapidly increasing human populations. “I like to at least pretend there is a little bit of wild land left, the frontier and all of that,” Paul said. And with his monthly donation to our work, we are doing our best to make sure that Paul doesn’t have to pretend.

Richard and Elsie Zarnowitz, Wildland Partners since 2001

Long-time environmentalists and opponents of sprawl, Richard and Elsie Zarnowitz also became members because they support wild lands conservation. Elsie said they decided to become Wildland Partners because their monthly donations provide us with the comfort of knowing their support will consistently be there.

Julie Carpenter, Wildland Partner

Julie Carpenter became a Wildland Partner not necessarily for the convenience or for the community programs we offer, but because it makes her feel like she is empowering the Conservation Northwest staff to do the work she doesn’t have time to fit into her busy schedule. “I get a bit of relief knowing that while I’m not able to stay on top of the many regional issues of importance to preserving the eco-health of the great Pacific Northwest, Conservation Northwest is doing just that.”

“Since extinction is forever, and since government, the economy, and so many people conspire to value continued exploitation of natural resources over conservation, it’s just critically important that we push back to preserve what we can,” Julie said.