Deborah Houseworth headshot
Favorite Place in the Northwest:The San Juan Islands
Favorite Northwest Animal:Canada lynx

Deborah Houseworth

Finance Director
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Deborah Houseworth plays an essential role directing our organization’s finances, budgets and various other operational duties. 

Deborah grew up in New York and migrated to Seattle to attend graduate school in the 90’s. She fell in love with the natural beauty that defines the Northwest and put down roots here. She has worked over several decades with local organizations that promote social and environmental justice. As a kid she was moved by the power of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” to support environmental causes. This led to her college honor’s thesis on Ecological Theology, which included an exegesis of the book of Genesis as a call to environmental stewardship. She is grateful for Conservation Northwest’s work to restore some of the natural order that humans have disrupted by reclaiming habitat for other species’ survival and by promoting protections for and reintroductions of some of the Northwest’s most iconic species.

For questions about our finances, please use our general contact form or call 206.675.9747.