Jay Kehne headshot
Favorite Place in the Northwest:Riddle Peak in the Glacier Peak Wilderness
Favorite Northwest Animal:Mule Deer

Jay Kehne

Sagelands Program Lead
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After eight years managing our Range Rider Pilot Project, Jay now manages our Sagelands Heritage Program. Jay joined Conservation Northwest in 2010 after a 31-year career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. Jay hopes to put his experience working with ranchers and farmers, combined with his love of Washington’s shrub-steppe habitat, to work helping to connect and protect important habitats for a variety of species in the arid lands of our state. Jay also served two terms as a Washington Fish & Wildlife Commissioner, and lives with his wonderful wife in Omak, overlooking the Okanogan River. He enjoys elk and deer hunting with life-long friends, traveling, fishing, skiing, back-packing, and spending time with his five children and six grandchildren.