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“Keeping the Northwest wild” since 1989, Conservation Northwest is a regional conservation organization working to protect old-growth forests and other wildlands, connect large landscapes and vital habitats, and restore native wildlife.

Conservation Northwest represents over 4,000 dues-paying members in Washington, British Columbia and beyond. Our conservation community also includes over ten thousand activists, supporters and online followers. Our staff work around Washington state and into southern British Columbia, including a main office in Seattle and field offices in Bellingham, Spokane and Twisp.

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT CHASE GUNNELL, COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, AT cgunnell (AT) CONSERVATIONNW.ORG OR 206.465.8591. Work updates and statements also available here.

Recent news releases:

Friedman: Embrace collaborative forest restoration to address wildfire risks

Oct 19, 2017
This year’s wildfires in Washington and across the West marked some of the worst on record. While we may wish this was an outlier, it’s more likely a taste of what’s to come. We best honor those most affected, both victims and firefighters, when our response improves a situation that is far from simple.

I-90 Wildlife Watch urges motorists to report wildlife in Snoqualmie Pass area

Aug 01, 2017

Re-launch of wildlife monitoring website provides opportunity for motorists to engage in wildlife conservation along Snoqualmie Pass

Conservation Northwest Statement on Smackout Wolf Pack

Jul 20, 2017
While heartrending, it is our hope that this action to attempt to remove up to two members of this pack, in addition to the one already killed, will cease further livestock depredations and prevent the need for additional lethal actions, protecting the integrity and future of this pack. We see this as a test of the theory that early lethal intervention can disrupt depredating behavior.

Statement on Hanford Reach National Monument protections

Jul 13, 2017

“We appreciate that Secretary Zinke and the White House have chosen to listen to the many thousands of Washingtonians who want to see monument protections remain in place at Hanford Reach,” said Mitch Friedman, Executive Director of Conservation Northwest.

Statement on U.S. House Resolution 2936

Jun 28, 2017

“Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017” does not promote resiliency and instead undermines years of collaborative restoration work.

Trail cameras show first evidence of fishers born in the South Cascades

Jun 28, 2017

Grainy images of a young female fisher with her kit provide the first evidence that this rare forest carnivore is reproducing in the South Cascades, where state, federal and non-profit organizations are working to reintroduce them.

Statement on Revised Wolf-Livestock Interaction Protocol

Jun 02, 2017

We support the revised protocol as an important collaborative policy that ensures a future with healthy, sustainable wolf populations and thriving rural communities.

Conservation Northwest statement on confirmation of Rep. Ryan Zinke as Secretary of Interior

Mar 01, 2017

While we admire Representative Zinke for being a Western outdoorsman who understands the beauty and value of our natural heritage, his stances on undermining environmental protections and prioritizing natural resource extraction cause great concern. If he is confirmed, we can only hope that the side of him we’ll see is that which has made strong statements in favor of keeping America’s national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other public lands in federal hands.

Restore the North Cascades Grizzly Bear

Jan 12, 2017

Release of draft restoration strategies welcomed as a historic step towards recovery of North America’s most at-risk bear population

Fishers Reintroduced at Mount Rainier National Park

Dec 02, 2016

Release marks the return of a native species after an absence of about 75 years

Washington State’s Forestry Plan Leaves Murrelets Behind

Dec 02, 2016

Washington State’s Forestry Plan Leaves Murrelets Behind

Court Orders Fish & Wildlife Service to Reexamine Lynx Critical Habitat

Sep 07, 2016

Feds Failed to Protect Key Habitat in Colorado, The court ruled the Service did not improperly fail to designate historical Canada lynx habitat in Oregon and Washington’s Kettle Range, disappointing wildlife advocates.

Joint Conservation Wolf Advisory Group Statement

Aug 23, 2016

By Wolf Haven International, the Humane Society of the United States, Defenders of Wildlife, and Conservation Northwest

Lethal Removal of Profanity Peak Wolves Unfortunate, but Part of State’s Wolf Management Policy

Aug 03, 2016

Five confirmed depredations by Profanity Peak pack trigger DFW’s lethal take protocol, yet wolf recovery in Washington still expected to succeed

Millions of Acres of Forest Will Remain Protected for Marbled Murrelets in Washington, Oregon, California

Aug 03, 2016

Timber Industry Attempt to Open Lands to Logging Fails, But Designation Still Neglects Critical Marine Areas, Old-growth Forests on State, Private Lands

Polling shows 80% support for restoring North Cascades grizzly bears

Jun 06, 2016

New partnership of conservation, business and other groups back the return of a missing Northwest icon

Court Overturns Government Refusal to Protect Wolverine

Apr 04, 2016

Climate change and genetic isolation threaten famously tough carnivore

Erosion threats prompt appeal of state timber sale in burned area

Feb 12, 2016

Proposed “salvage” sale undermines forest recovery and restoration

Rallies show strong support for public lands

Jan 19, 2016

Washingtonians speak up in defense of “America’s Best Idea”

Public Lands For All rally to show support for keeping lands public

Jan 16, 2016

Conservation, outdoor recreation and other groups are planning a rally supporting America’s parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands on Tuesday, 1/19/2016 at noon at Seattle’s Henry M. Jackson Federal Building, 915 2nd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98104. The rally will last roughly 30 minutes.

WDFW, National Park Service, Conservation Northwest and partners reintroduce fishers into Cascades

Dec 03, 2015

The fisher, a small native carnivore, is being reintroduced to the Cascade mountains thanks to collaboration between the National Park Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Conservation Northwest.

Conservation organizations, recreation groups, local businesses raise concerns about Army proposal

Nov 03, 2015

Combat helicopter training areas in North Cascades and Southwest Washington pose impacts to Wilderness Areas, Trails, wildlife and local economies

Conservation Northwest Lauds Proposal for new National Park in British Columbia

Aug 13, 2015

Groups urge full protection of area to safeguard natural and cultural heritage, wildlife habitat

Conservation, Recreation and Wildlife Groups Join Local Residents in Concern about Army Proposal

Jul 30, 2015

Combat helicopter training areas in North Cascades and Southwest Washington pose impacts to Wilderness Areas, Pacific Crest Trail and local economies

Cow depredation confirmed within territory of Teanaway wolves

Jul 21, 2015

The cow belonged to one of seven Washington ranchers currently partnering with Conservation Northwest to implement “range riders”, herd supervisors that help deter depredations as the region’s wolf population recovers and their territory overlaps with public forest land now used in part for livestock grazing.

Wolf Photographed Between Leavenworth and Stevens Pass

May 21, 2015

Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project helps document wolf recovery and other rare Northwest wildlife

Newhouse Proposes to Remove Federal Protections for Pacific Northwest Wolves

Apr 15, 2015

Wolves in the Cascades are still beginning to recover and in need of federal protections

Wolf OR-7 Film Screening, Panel Discussion Set for Spokane’s Bing Crosby Theater, Friday and Saturday Night

Apr 02, 2015

Event to Highlight Wolf Recovery, Coexistence

Court Gives Endangered Caribou another Chance at Adequate Protected Critical Habitat

Mar 24, 2015

Judge finds USFWS did not give public opportunity to comment on agency’s decision to cut critical habitat by 90 percent

Logging Industry Fails Again to Strip Threatened Seabird of Protections

Mar 02, 2015

Court upholds marbled murrelet protection in Washington, Oregon, and California

Erosion threats prompt appeal of state timber sale in burned area

Feb 16, 2015

Proposed “salvage” sale undermines forest recovery and restoration

Public meetings on North Cascades grizzly bears announced

Feb 13, 2015

Conservation groups call for a show of support for restoring a Northwest native

New transmission line threatens Methow Valley habitat

Jan 30, 2015
Twisp, WA

Supreme Court allows Okanogan PUD to condemn state lands for new powerline